Drawing has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Thumbing through my grandfather's sketchbooks, along with comic books, hip hop and graffiti, were the origins of my love for illustrating. From a very young age I have always been infatuated with tattoos, having seen my uncle's arms covered with the classic crawling panther, a wizard and a black rose with "Black Sabbath" written around it, I spent hours on end redrawing these and similar images. I eventually acquired an apprenticeship in 2004 and 18 months later began tattooing. After working in various shops in upstate New York I eventually ended up in Utah at Loyalty Tattoos, where I currently reside (since 2010). 

I concentrate primarily on large scale Japanese and illustrative tattoos, but leave plenty of room in my schedule for smaller one shot collector tattoos as well.